The opportunity to marry data, sound thinking, and systematic process is being realized today in almost every industry. At Euclidean, our focus is squarely on applying this opportunity to long-term equity investing.

We devote our energy to seeking history’s lessons for evaluating the ‘goodness’ and underlying value of individual companies. Then, by managing a fund that embeds these lessons into a systematic investment process, we aspire to protect our investors against unproductive human behavioral biases.

Systematic Investing 

Systematic investing is important because it can protect investors from unproductive human behavioral biases. 

Euclidean’s systematic approach to value investing is not influenced by these biases and avoids the value-destroying mistakes that accompany them. At Euclidean, public companies are evaluated every day through the lens of history. This helps us find good companies when offered at great prices and proceed in a manner truly separated from the crowd, pursuing investments at points of extreme pessimism.

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Machine Learning

At Euclidean, we are applying machine learning to equity investing because we believe it improves our ability to evaluate companies as long-term investments.

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