Working at Euclidean means being part of a close team that values your ideas. We hire innovative and high-energy people who seek new approaches that yield better results. We want people who can see past the blinders built by yesterday’s practices, search for what is true, and contribute energy to the strong partnerships we form with our clients. You should join us.

Euclidean's Values

Euclidean’s Culture is characterized by Mellow Intensity. This dichotomy reflects both our big ambitions and our willingness to take the time to realize those ambitions in the right way. This culture is fostered by the following Euclidean values.

As our team grows, we want visitors to have a good feeling the moment they walk into our offices. We achieve this by fostering a workplace where each individual contributes more energy to the team than they require from others. The result is a high-energy environment that attracts the best people, makes Euclidean a great place to work, and provides a great impression to our visitors, prospects, and clients.


Euclidean was founded on the notion that by learning from large bodies of experience and creating methods of systematically adhering to history’s best lessons, there is an opportunity to deliver superior results. This process of looking for the new answers and creating methods for embedding new findings into our process will never end. We therefore value individuals who are passionate about new methods of searching for truth and who constantly question beliefs others hold on to as self-evident.


We recognize that the great work we do and the environment we enjoy would not be possible without maintaining the right to serve our clients. Therefore, we value putting energy into delivering not only great results but also a great client experience. This experience involves aligning our incentives with our clients’ goals, proactively keeping them connected to our thinking, quickly responding to any question they raise, and always behaving in a manner consistent with a commitment re-earn the right to serve them each and every day.


Both our team and our clients will make better decisions when they are informed about our beliefs, process, results and decisions. This is why we work hard to thoughtfully provide as much information about these topics as possible.


We are conscious of the debt we owe to our communities, without whom Euclidean could not exist. We also believe that by giving back – be it via supporting a local non-profit, serving on the board of a school, or helping an entrepreneur launch a new business – that our teammates not only strengthen their communities, they build skills, establish relationships, and develop new ideas that help them grow and contribute at a higher level. We therefore encourage our team members to spend the equivalent of one day every month outside of Euclidean, contributing to their communities.


Sound like a perfect fit?

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