Before Michael Seckler and John Alberg created Euclidean, they founded and spent over a decade building one of the first software-as-a-service companies, Employease.  The company delivered 36 consecutive quarters of revenue growth prior to being acquired by Automatic Data Processing (NASDAQ:ADP) for $160 million in 2006.

Mike and John started Euclidean because, with the sale of their company, they faced hard questions about how to manage their hard-earned money.  They were not comfortable with the short-term focus, risks of leverage, misaligned incentives, and reliance on qualitative analysis that in various combinations characterize today’s asset management options.  Instead, they wanted a way to invest that could be process-driven, protected from human behavioral swings, and grounded in timeless lessons for evaluating public companies as potential long-term investments.

Fortunately for Euclidean, many others also feel the same way.



Michael and John met in 1991 at Williams College in Massachusetts while pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Geology and History (Mike) and Mathematics (John).
After both spending their first year out of college working in the business consulting industry...
...they realized that the Internet had the potential to completely alter the cost, sophistication, and accessibility of business software such as human resources, finance, and sales force automation applications.
This led them to co-found Employease, one of the first Software-as-a-Services companies.
Mike, John, and an incredible team built Employease over ten years, achieving 36 sequential quarters of revenue growth prior to the company’s acquisition by ADP for $160 million.
Today Mike and John manage Euclidean Technologies. After building a single company for over a decade, Euclidean allows John and Mike to engage their enthusiasm for and knowledge of businesses to the investigation of many companies in diverse industries.